Why is American furniture so popular?

With Hollywood movies, European and American film and television dramas in the Chinese market popularity, American style and American furniture are more and more popular. Leisure and comfortable home positioning and modern pursuit of free romantic soul, American furniture has gradually become the trend of high-end home market.

When we fantasized about this open, free, casual and fun life in the United States, a large number of American furniture brands came into being. Today’s American furniture, leaving the traditional furniture atmosphere design at the same time but gorgeous, can perfectly create a small qualification of light luxury, such American furniture by more and more, especially the younger generation of consumers of all ages.

Why is American furniture so popular?

The emergence of American furniture is inseparable from the social development and culture of the United States.

Before the independence of the United States, it was occupied by the colonial powers from Europe, which also made a large number of European culture into the United States, and after independence, the rapid development of native American culture and european fusion formed a unique American style furniture.

The foundation of American furniture is the way of life brought about by the immigrants of the european countries in the late Renaissance, simplifying the classical furniture of English, French, Italian, German, Greek and Egyptian style, combining function and decoration.

18th and 19th centuries passed down from generation to generation, due to the pioneering spirit of the early American ancestors and the principle of advocating nature, developed to modern, elegant and atmospheric, but not over-decorated furniture became the representative works of typical American furniture. American furniture has always been large, comfortable, mixed with a variety of styles.

The popularity of American furniture, in the final analysis is the “human history” composition, and the United States culture is inseparable, when we taste it, it is as if to see a free, self-breaking film, the ups and downs of the plot, clear and colorful display in front of us.

The United States is a free country, which also created its comfortable, casual and unruly way of life, there is not much of a modified and constrained, inadvertently also achieved another kind of casual romance.

And the American culture has a colonial culture-led vein, it has European luxury and luxury, but combined with the American continent of this land and water of the unruly, these elements also just meet the current cultural assets of the demand for lifestyle, that is: a sense of culture, a sense of luxury, but also can not lack of feelings of comfort and mood.

The United States is also a diversified society, American furniture also reflects the spirit of multicultural integration. It has a variety of styles and is compatible with antique, neoclassical furniture, and unique country style, as well as simple, lifestyle furniture.

From the style type and development law of American furniture, it has the basic attributes of people-oriented and close to life, and also meets the needs of people’s cultural aesthetics.

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