The role of home curtains – how to choose curtains?

Curtains are indispensable for home space. In curtains, curtain rods are like pants, but today people think that the characteristics of curtains are not only functional, it can determine the room in a certain sense. The design concept and the charm of the room! Therefore, it is very important to match the curtains and choose the curtain rods! Here, I tell you a few small details of the home mix:

The role of home curtains - how to choose curtains?

1,Need to know the function of the cloth:

For the purpose of shading: choose a curtain fabric with strong shading to ensure a good night’s sleep. In the living room and dining room, you can choose a thin fabric with good light transmission.

2, when choosing curtains, the pattern is exquisite!

The pattern and pattern of the curtain should be selected in accordance with the size of the window in the home space, the age of the room owner and the interior decoration style. If you are on a small window, you should avoid large-patterned curtains, or you will feel the window smaller from a visual point of view.

The role of home curtains - how to choose curtains?

3, the choice of curtain size is very important!

The area of ​​the curtains needs to cover the window enough to provide a shading effect. The length of the curtains should be determined by the specific conditions of the curtains. Window sills above the floor can use either floor curtains or curtains with window sills; floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows require floor-to-ceiling curtains; larger windows should choose curtains that are wider than window holes, so that the visual balance can be achieved. Regarding the curtain rod, the most popular now is the Roman rod, and if the window is large, it is better to use the electric remote control curtain rod, which is convenient and practical!

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