The four styles of sofas have their own characteristics, of course they have quality assurance!

Four styles of sofas:

Chinese sofa

Emphasis on warm winter and cool summer, suitable for all seasons. The Chinese-style sofa is characterized by a solid wood frame that is exposed outside. The upper sponge cushion can be replaced as needed. This kind of flexible way makes the Chinese-style sofa popular among many people: it is warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, and it is suitable for the national conditions with large temperature difference between the north and the south of China. Some of its materials are solid wood and resistant to moisture, making it the first choice for coastal cities.

The four styles of sofas have their own characteristics, of course they have quality assurance!

European style sofa

The lines are simple and suitable for modern homes. The European-style sofa is characterized by a modern style, with elegant colors and clean lines, which are suitable for most families. This kind of sofa is also suitable for a wide range of applications, and it feels good to be placed in various styles of living rooms. Popular in the 21st century are light-colored sofas such as white and beige.

American sofa

The American sofa mainly emphasizes comfort, and it makes people feel like they are surrounded by gentleness, but they occupy more land. In 2003, many sofa manufacturing processes were no longer made of springs but all made of main frame plus different hardness sponges, but many traditional American sofa bases did not give up springs in order to save time and effort, and still use spring and sponge design. This makes the sofa very durable.

Japanese sofa

Emphasis on nature and simplicity. The larger features of the Japanese-style sofa are the wooden handrails and the small design. Such a sofa is quite suitable for people who admire nature and simple home style. The compact Japanese-style sofa reveals a rigorous attitude towards life. Therefore, Japanese-style sofas are often used in some office spaces.

Leather sofas look extravagant and extravagant, and are almost essential living room furniture in private villas and big-handed mansions. The majesty and style of the leather sofa is unmatched by the fabric sofa.

The daily care of the leather sofa is more convenient. Usually only need to wring the wet towel and wipe the surface. Clean it with a special detergent every quarter. The life of the leather sofa is longer than that of the fabric sofa. If it is a leather sofa, the skin is more and more slippery. If it is properly maintained without accidental wear, there will be no cortical cracking, which can take a long time.

The living room sofa is a kind of furniture, mainly placed in the living room. The choice of the sofa is closely related to the atmosphere, taste and style of the living room. As a large-scale furniture that is quite eye-catching in the living room, it should be unified with the ceiling, wall, floor, door and window color style to achieve a coordinated effect.

The masking material used in the sofa, in addition to various kinds of cotton, hemp, enamel, wool, living room sofa chemical fiber fabric with oblique and fluffy surface, as well as artificial leather and various thin leather (commonly known as leather), can satisfy people’s Kind of preference.

The four styles of sofas have their own characteristics, of course they have quality assurance!

Sofa sofas are large consumer goods in furniture products. This standard is a revision of the QB/T1952.1-1999 standard. The main changes compared with the original standard are as follows:

Product Classification: This standard classifies products mainly by seat elastic materials, coated fabrics and functions.

Main size requirements: This standard retains the front width and seat height of the main dimensions of the product. The dimensions of the front and back heights are adjusted accordingly, and the requirements for the height specification and dimensional deviation of the handrail height are eliminated.

Material requirements: The appearance of the product should be consistent with the label; the internal materials of the product should be free of bark; the moisture content of the wood should not be higher than the average annual wood moisture content of the area where the product is located, the original requirement is +1%. And in the standard Appendix B (normative appendix), the value of wood moisture content in various regions of China has been added as the basis for product evaluation. For textile fabrics, leather and artificial leather, the requirements for dry rubbing fastness ≥ 4 are added.

Mechanical performance requirements: The mechanical performance test of this standard is based on the grading requirements of the uniform seat back durability (the original standard specifies the durability requirements according to the sofa elastic type), that is, the durability should pass: A level 60,000 times; B level 40,000 times and C grade 20,000 times. The back looseness, the amount of loose handrail and the amount of compression were adjusted accordingly.

Flame retardant requirements: Considering the development trend of products, reducing personal injury.It can also turn into your stylish office furniture and decorate your office!

Evaluation of test results: Product inspection is divided into type inspection and factory inspection. The test results are evaluated as: superior products, first-class products (class B products), qualified products (class C products) and non-conforming products.

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