Recommend a few floor colors and furniture matching methods!

Home furnishing in the ground decoration is an important part of the whole home decoration, now most families choose the floor to decorate the ground.

Floor decoration directly affects the atmosphere of the whole home, so in the choice of floor must pay attention to and the overall home improvement style consistent.

The following European small editor said that the floor color and furniture with a few tips, there is a need for friends to quickly onlookers.

Recommend a few floor colors and furniture matching methods!

Floor color and furniture with a few tips One: according to the size of the house to choose Color to a certain extent will affect the human visual effect, warm tone for expansion color, cold tone for shrink tone.

Small room floor to choose the dark color of the cold color and simple and bright floor, make people feel the area of expansion. If the choice of color-heavy warm-colored floor will make the space appear more narrow, increased the sense of repression.

In addition, in the choice of colors, should prefer small texture or straight pattern effect, avoid large and messy patterns.

Floor color and furniture with a few tips two: according to indoor lighting conditions to choose The lighting conditions in the room limit the choice of floor color.

Generally better lighting room can choose a larger range, whether it is a dark system or a light color system of floor tiles can be. And the lower floor, lighting is not enough room need to pay attention to choose some of the higher brightness of the color, must avoid the dark color system of the floor.

In the hot summer, choose light color floor, with bright color family, will give people a cool sense of nature.

Floor color and furniture with a few tips three: the same color system match Such as the choice of brown-based white-encrusted furniture, can be brown teak, two-winged bean floor matching, choose a imitation of mahogany solid wood furniture, can be red-scented birch wood, balsamic wood bean floor matching color.

Matching color, decoration style rigorous, orderly, atmospheric.

Floor color and furniture match ingress with a few tips four: near-color system match If you choose the furniture of the black walnut panel, you can match the brown floor.

Green walls, you can choose a slightly yellow floor, which creates a very warm atmosphere.

The deep-tone floor is very infectious and expressive, distinctive personality characteristics, such as the red tone of the floor itself color gives a strong feeling, choose with pink tone of ivory, and black tea floor will form a unified feeling.

Close color matching, decoration style appears lively, harmonious, show.”

Floor color and furniture matching A few tips Five: contrast color system match If you choose the dark red system antique furniture, some fashion families, will choose the light yellow system of maple wood floor color.

Recommend a few floor colors and furniture matching methods!

This floor color yellow medium white, with crimson furniture to form a clear and coordinated contrast effect.

Contrast color system matching, in principle to be used with caution, color must have a professional vision or ask experts to check, color matching should have a strong contrasting effect, but also have the role of a harmonious lining.

The above is about the floor color and furniture with a few tips related to the introduction, I hope to help you.

Home decoration of the overall color and style must be controlled, if they do not know how to match, it is recommended to find professional designers to help you with the design, so as to get closer to the desired effect.

Of course, it’s not just home, it can also be modern office furniture, modern office tables and chairs are the most common office furniture in the , office floors and desk chairs can also be used in color.

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