Office/home furniture matching – six office furniture styles

The modular design of office furniture and office furniture, the evolution of the office environment and the development of office furniture are inextricably linked. The change of office type will affect the design of office furniture.

Whether it is a hotel office, a mobile office or a creative office, new requirements are placed on furniture design.

Under the influence of these new trends, systematic, integrated, and humanized design concepts are increasingly used in modern office furniture design.

Next, I will introduce you to the six office furniture styles.

Modern office furniture – single steel frame desk

The single steel frame desk creates a practical function with simple lines, the desk pays more attention to the details of the product, the unique stability, and the front panel and side lever products are more stable.

Simple desk furniture leads the elegant style of life, simple but not complicated, the large storage space on the table, the random placement of items, so that the office space has a distinctive style.

High-quality environmental protection sheet, furniture sheet all use E1 grade melamine board, melamine board impact resistance, high strength, stable performance, zero formaldehyde, more environmentally safe.

Office/home furniture matching  - six office furniture styles

Office/Home furniture matching – partition card holder staff desk

The partition card staff desk, versatile and simple office preferred, simple and fresh yet stylish and elegant, environmentally friendly and practical, make the office atmosphere more cozy and comfortable.

The fully automatic machine is formed by one edge sealing, and all the plates are treated with moisture proof, insect proof and anti-corrosion, which are safe and reliable.

E1 grade melamine sheet, the melamine surface after hot pressing can be scratch-resistant, anti-fouling and waterproof; steel frame structure installation, steel pipe thickness 1.2MM hot-rolled steel, full electrostatic spraying, service life of more than ten years.

Modern office furniture – with separate cabinet corner office desk

With independent cabinet corner office desk, the perfect combination of science and art, elegant and practical, comfortable and considerate. Breaking the cumbersome shape of the traditional style, the shape is light and creative, making the serious office atmosphere a little more relaxed.

Saving time and effort, it also reduces the waste of resources, and the neat outlines outline the extraordinary leadership of the contemporary elite. Clear texture, clear panel texture, original flavor, historical sedimentation, hard wood and wear resistance.

Modern office furniture – staff office net chair

The staff office net chair, ergonomic computer chair three-dimensional curved pipe technology integrated molding, precision spray, break through the traditional office chair image, the chassis uses the stability of the triangle, firmly support the load.

Intimate damping adjustment, increase the damping regulator, according to its own weight and habits, adjust the resistance of the seat back when leaning, so as to obtain a comfortable sense of dependence. The explosion-proof air pressure lever of the chair protects the buttocks.

Explosion-proof thickened chassis, another layer of protection after explosion-proof pneumatic rods, thickened materials, explosion-proof load-bearing capacity is significantly improved. Do you like six office furniture styles?

Stylish office furniture – combination office conference table and chair

Combined office conference table and chair, this negotiation table with sliding wheel, light and convenient, can be arbitrarily spliced, as long as you dare to think, there is no way to do it, adding a touch of color to the office life.

The classic style is more in line with the style of modern office and the requirements of customers. The whole scene adapts and the work is more calm. Taking work as a process of achieving value, savoring progress in growth, achieving satisfaction and pleasure from success, and realizing the true feelings of interpersonal relationships will make our work happy.

Office/home furniture matching  - six office furniture styles

Stylish office furniture – 1+1+3 combination leather sofa

1+1+3 combination leather sofa, sofa frame is made of high-quality stainless steel. The surface of the steel is smooth and smooth. After secondary heat treatment, the texture is strong and durable, and the bearing capacity is strong.

The tripods are all stainless steel, which can be said to be heavy, not easy to deform and rust. The bottom non-slip mat can protect the ground from being scratched, and the intimate design presents perfect craftsmanship.

The classic atmosphere of wise black, elegant and mature, and exquisite design, fully reflects your fashion taste. Do you like six office furniture styles? We specialize in providing you with a lot of office furniture! To purchase please click to go to our main website: office furniture manufacturers.

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