Make your work easy with high-quality office chairs!

The office chair is one of the most essential modern office furniture in the office. It is a stylish office furniture that has the most contact with the human body. So learning to use modern office tables and chairs is a great benefit to the health of the human body. I use office furniture to talk about how to use the office chair healthily, so that you can take the appropriate posture according to your own situation.Make your work easy with high-quality office chairs!

The depth of the office chair: When sitting in the office, the person’s sitting posture is more correct, you need to sit in the “light” position in front of the chair.

Make your work easy with high-quality office chairs!

1, the height of the chair: this is related to the length of the user’s foot, the height of the chair is generally not too exaggerated.

2, the height of the armrest: the office chair with low armrests or no armrests is suitable for people who are used to hanging their hands; the chair with high armrests and deep seat is suitable for people who like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the office chair.

3, the height of the back of the chair: people who like to sit in danger, suitable for low armrests and low back chairs, when the center of gravity is at the waist of the person; the office chair with a high backrest is suitable for people who like to focus on the back.

4, the slope of the chair: Our impression of the office chair is almost ninety degrees of the seat cushion and the backrest, but in fact most of them are slightly backwards, the whole person sits securely in the chair.

5, the softness of the chair: no office chair with a cushion and back, directly look at the hardness of the material itself. Office chairs with additional cushions and backs should pay attention to the internal filling used.

6, the stability of the chair: by observing the treatment of the chair in the structural details, you can know the stability of the chair. In particular, a single chair, such as a chair with a chair foot as the main support point, should pay attention to the handling of structural details, such as the inspection of joints such as cards and screws.

Make your work easy with high-quality office chairs!

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