Is the brand of office furniture important or the channel important?

Brands are more important than channels, but some companies have suggested that “channels are more important than brands”. In fact, this is a good understanding. Most people who think that “brands are more important than channels” are those in the marketing department of the factory or senior managers who are market-born;

Is the brand of office furniture important or the channel important?

The person who thinks that “channels are more important than brands” is the person in the sales department or the top manager who is a sales person.

Is the brand important, or is the channel important? The entire manufacturing industry in China is also a topic that has been going on for a long time. So, what about brands and channels?

More and more companies realize that only when they control the channel can they have stable sales. Therefore, many companies have established independent sales channels. But establishing an independent sales channel does not mean that it is entirely based on its own strength to build a sales network.

Many corporate executives are not willing to be concerned about the company’s sales profits, and ambitiously plan to build their own sales empire, attempting to bypass the middlemen and directly sell products through extensive establishment of sales branches, offices or specialty stores. For end users and consumers.

However, it turns out that this is an uneconomical scale. In the end, it is often worth the loss. This is an important concept in the construction of independent channels for furniture companies. As long as the interests of agents and distributors are guaranteed, the company’s sales chain can be normal. Continue to expand on!

Modern office furniture manufacturers are increasingly rationalized in the choice of diversification today. The kind of sales that does not pay attention to the improvement of the quality of the products, and only cares about making a sensation through advertising, is out of date. Although such products have earned enough attention, they are not savvy consumers, and the high price can only discourage consumers.

Is the brand of office furniture important or the channel important?

Therefore, a brand without quality assurance can only be a castle in the air, creating a false prosperity without foundation. Such a brand is not destined to last.

Only by possessing high-quality products and mature brands can we take the initiative in the dialogue with the channel partners and master the control of the channel vendors. Quality and brand building are complementary processes. Only when the brand is well-known, consumers will come here;

Only when the quality is excellent, the product can be sold for a long time. The best-selling products can make the scale of production, so that the cost is reduced, and it is truly inexpensive, good and not expensive.

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