IKEA design new sofa bed

IKEA design new sofa bed,have you ever had a problem with setting up a room for your guests? Usually at this time, everyone should place a place to sleep, inflate the mattress, or make a sofa. This is a stylish office furniture, of course, as a home sofa, I feel great!

At this time, the HAMMARN sofa bed can come in handy. In just 30 seconds (and in the case of slower movements), you can turn the sofa into a bed. The sofa bed is light in weight and affordable, and the secret is its clean design.

IKEA design new sofa bed

IKEA’s special office is located in Shanghai’s futuristic high-rise buildings. It is the IKEA Asia Pacific Product Development Center, where a small IKEA team works closely with local suppliers to design products and test the products during the production process.

Designer Jonas Hultqvist and developer Sandra Johansson started designing the HAMMARN sofa bed, which is affordable and does not affect comfort. Faced with this challenge, they had to rethink what the sofa bed was. Stylish office furniture is chosen for IKEA.

Faced with IKEA design new sofa bed, Sandra said: Strict goals can inspire creativity. To reduce the cost of HAMMARN to our desired level, we understand that we cannot rely on past experience or off-the-shelf solutions.

Wooden slats, fluffy cushions and huge folding systems, which are commonly used in sofa beds, need to be rethought. Jonas said: “We draw inspiration from the old camping bed. The camping bed is very affordable and needs to be moved easily. So we asked ourselves, can we use the stretch fabric to make the sofa bed like a camping bed? ”

Of course, people who use camping beds often know that they don’t feel comfortable sleeping, and the design team needs to solve this problem. Jonas said: There is often a problem with the use of stretch fabrics. The middle position of the bed tends to sag. If two people sleep, they will eventually stack together instead of leaning against each other.

The final solution doesn’t require much technology, and it’s easy to keep the tension of the stretch fabric at the right level with a solid screw that can be easily tightened at home.

IKEA design new sofa bed

The next challenge is to find a good way to easily switch between the sofa and the bed. Sandra said: “We know that if you want to achieve the desired pricing, you can’t use regular mattresses in HAMMARN. So in our design, this sofa bed can be stacked in three parts.

In the sofa mode, two of them are seats and the third part is used as a backrest. If the bed is unfolded, spread the mattress in the same way.

The advantage of this design is that it can be quickly switched between the bed and the sofa, and does not require a lot of space. The sofa bed weighs only 26 kilograms, so whether you are moving often or just want to prepare a place to stay, you can use it easily. It can be said that IKEA design new sofa bed is very convenient and simple, if you are interested, whether it is office/home sofa and sofa bed, you can use it. furniturestorelocator.com.

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