2019 modern office furniture – folding sofa bed brand top ten

Modern office furniture – Katieway

Shandong Kaidiwei Furniture Co, Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of fabric sofas. The company’s headquarters is located in Linyi, the National Economic and Technological Development Zone.

2019 modern office furniture - folding sofa bed brand top ten

The company has been specialized in the research, development, production and sales of living rooms and bedroom homes. It is committed to providing comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and humanized furniture and professional living room and bedroom layout solutions for families around the world. Since its establishment, the company has won the honor of China Green Trademark.

Modern office furniture – Lihao

Founded in 1999, Lihao Group is located in the national industrial park – Zhejiang Anji Sunshine Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​300,000 square meters, with more than 3,000 employees, more than 10 years of inspirational innovation, innovation and innovation, becoming China. One of the more influential private enterprises.

Today, Lihao Group is a large-scale private enterprise with the essence of the advantageous industry. It has a number of holding and shareholding companies, the Group’s Swing Chair Division, Sofa Division, Leather Division, Real Estate Division, Investment and Financing Division, and Business Consulting. The six business divisions of the business division are on a par with each other, which constitutes the complete industrial structure of Lihao Enterprise and a diversified competitive industrial chain.

Modern office furniture – Ayres

ARIS is the leading brand of international software furniture, with the motto of “making the most comfortable sofa” as the brand motto, always put the comfort of the product in the first place. The company relies on strong technical strength and the Italian designer is deductive. Simple style, sewn in hundreds of globally selected fabrics. The design is simple and shaped, comfortable to the skin, and comprehensive high quality, winning the global middle and high-end customers.

Modern office furniture – different

Beijing Non-Family Furniture Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Tongzhou Branch on 2001-09-18. The legal representative is Qiao Yinjun. The company’s business scope includes the production of fabric sofas, fabric beds, general cargo, and sales of furniture.

Business scope: sales of furniture; literary and artistic creation; technology development, technology promotion, technical consultation, technical services; product design; conference services; commissioned processing of furniture.

Modern office furniture – Cannes

Founded in the 1980s, COZZIA is currently one of the largest smart furniture retailers in North America. It has nearly 500 franchised stores and franchisees around the world, and has always adhered to the product design philosophy of “comfort is home” and always keeps up to date. Technology and the most fashionable design are integrated into the product, so that every product user can have healthy and intelligent comfort.

Modern office furniture – Maxdale

Beijing Maxwell Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in the capital of China. It was incorporated in Beijing Industrial and Commercial Corporation in 2005. The main business items are:

Sofa, living room coffee table, bed. In the past few years from the establishment of the company to the development and growth, we have always insisted on the supremacy of the customer, and impressed the customers with sincere service, with the principle of “honest and trustworthy, customer first”, and in terms of products, “quality-oriented, excellence” Our own practice standards, and strive to provide customers with a full range of quality services, but also enable enterprises to achieve long-term development.

Modern office furniture – Spall

ZeroSpace is a professional sofa bed manufacturer with professional design and development. Spare breaks the concept of traditional sofa bed and pays more attention to the integration of product style and living room. Double enjoyment of appearance and practicality! Spal adheres to the concept of healthy family life: the interior is made of all-steel structure technology, which is stable and durable; the simple and comfortable design makes the Spall function sofa simple and not simple. Spal firmly believes that the details determine the success or failure, the pursuit of excellence in product quality, and the unique insights and analysis of the market, allowing Spall to develop steadily in the fierce market competition. Spare, let the sofa bed become as beautiful as the sofa, and give the sofa and bed function! Enjoy your sofa bed.

Modern office furniture – Yaqi Zall

Since its establishment in 2001, Yaqi Zall has been deeply loved by many users. It has become a zero complaints manufacturer in major shopping malls for 15 consecutive years. Many successful people, movie stars and national politicians have taken the lead in enjoying the Yaqi Zall sofa. Today, Yaqi Zall has more than ten professional chain stores in Beijing. The products are sold to more than 20 cities and regions, and more than ten countries and regions outside the country, becoming experts in Chinese fabric functional sofas. Yaqi Zall adheres to the craftsmanship spirit of “the raw materials are expensive, but the craftsmanship will not dare to save labor.” Integrating a variety of international high-quality resources, focusing on the design and production of functional sofas, only to bring you more Comfortable feeling.

Modern office furniture – Ou Jiani

“Oujia·Muni” is the furniture brand of Beijing Ouyajia Furniture Union. Since its establishment in 1994, Beijing Ouyajia Furniture Co., Ltd. has developed into five series of products including sofa, soft bed, plate, solid wood and furniture plates. It integrates R&D, design, production and sales into one, with “fashion, taste, health, and “Green” is a design tenet, dedicated to creating a stylish and environmentally friendly living space, creating a refined and elegant quality of life. The company has introduced a full set of professional production equipment from Germany, and established a quality and environmental management system based on ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standards, laying a solid foundation for the quality of Oujia products. We also cooperate with international and domestic top brand suppliers to provide a solid guarantee for materials and accessories.

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