2019 3rd China Home Furnishing Brand Conference – Top Ten Software Furniture (Sofa) Brands

On June 28, 2019, the 2019 China Home Furnishing Brands Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Beijing New Yunnan. Under the witness of more than 200 industry grand coffee and more than 600 corporate representatives, the company announced the “2018-2019 China Home Ten”. Big brand”, Gujia Home and Zhihua Shi First Class Sofa, Left and Right Sofa, Si Kexin, Styroland, Non-Home, Yi Si Meng Sha, Ou Jia · Muni, Yi Li Bo, Li Hao, together List “2018-2019 top ten soft furniture (sofa) brand.”

2019 3rd China Home Furnishing Brand Conference - Top Ten Software Furniture (Sofa) Brands

2019 The 3rd China Home Furnishing Brand Conference was hosted by Beijing Business Daily and West Street Media. Tencent Home Chief Media Cooperation, Sina Home, Netease Home, Phoenix Home, Xinhua Home, and Beijing News jointly supported the media, facing the whole country and looking to the world. Five dimensions of open, fair and equitable selection of the top ten brands in each of the home furnishing segments:

First, the understanding and evaluation of the editors of the seven major media such as Beijing Business Daily and Tencent Home;

The second is the certification and recommendation of the president and secretary general of the professional associations in various subdivisions of the home;

The third is the recommendation and self-recommendation of leading enterprises in various sub-sectors of the home furnishing industry;

The fourth is the store and sales big data statistics of the mainstream channels such as Real Home, Red Star Macalline, Tmall, and Jingdong;

The fifth is the quality inspection report issued by the quality inspection agencies at all levels and the consumer’s complaints about product quality issues. Through the strict selection and comprehensive evaluation of these five dimensions, the “2018-2019 Top Ten Brands in China” is a symbol of brand, quality and taste, representing the future development of the home furnishing industry and becoming the first choice for consumers.

For the home area such as office/home furniture matching, it can be said that it is very powerful and excellent brand furniture. Buying stylish office furniture allows for consideration of these brands and a guarantee of quality.

The “Top Ten Software Furniture (Sofa) Brand” is a top ten brand with soft furniture products such as sofas and a good reputation and sustainable development potential. Gujia Home, which is listed on the list of “2018-2019 Top Ten Upholstered Furniture (Sofa) Brands”, in the 2018-2019 year, created a series of brand activities such as “816 National People’s Day”, which is closely related to brands, products, marketing and other dimensions. The needs of the mainstream consumer groups, carry out youth, fashion, international innovation, while deepening the various expressions of family and love home, to create a happy home atmosphere and comfortable experience for consumers.

In order to create high-quality products, Gujia Home has established the industry’s leading international design and development center, bringing together many top domestic and international home design teams, focusing on a large number of skilled technicians, putting creativity and ingenuity into each product, and quenching world-class Home craftsmanship and design. In order to enhance brand awareness, Gujiajiao exclusively named the 2018 “Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night”, which established a successful sample of marketing and communication in an innovative form. Products and marketing go hand in hand, and Gujia Home is marching forward with a passionate, respected, world-leading integrated home operator.

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